How we can keep our health right Best Tips

      $ Few Ways to stay healthy$


  Today, every successful person has been able to make himself better in every area of life. Trying to take himself to a stage where his life is happy and joyful. He finds new ways to improve his life and keeps new Ideas.

Many people are successful in achieving this or achieving their dreams, but there are also many who are not happy to get success in their lives. They have wealth, family, dignity, and they are also capable of buying everything of their aisho. But the thing that they don't have is-good health. When they do not keep themselves healthy, such success and wealth do not work for any of their own.

Success is called the same as you completely enjoy but if you are not healthy, such a succes is not meant to be. Today everyone wants to be fully fit and healthy and Healthy Life have lived and healthy.

If you also want to healthy and stay healthy in your life, you have to give yourself some time. Only then will you be able to create a balance in Daily life.

We are now sharing 7 measures for good health here with you that you can Better helthy life in your life.

      *Healthy Living Tips


1. Adopt the balance of food 

Your food or food for good health plays the leading role. If your food is good and nutritious, it will also make your health even better if you are careless in your diet or do not eat nutritious food, which will help you ill-take it. What you should eat and what you should avoid is to know what you are doing in your Body. 
Ayurveda has also said that you have to take the diet according to your Nature (nature). If you have too much of the nature of bile in you, then you avoid the yellow objects like excess oil, turmeric and so on. So, include vitamins in your daily diet, proteins (protins), fats (fat), carbohydrates, minerals (minerls) etc. In a balanced amount of foods. 

2. Maintain your routine balanced 

As much as the impact of our routine is on our success, it also affects our health. If your routine is too balanced, your health will be equally good. When our daily routine is the same, it makes our Mind a very easy to understand our body and becomes accustomed to doing all the work. From early morning to sleep at night, our routine is very important to know for our health. Assuming you wake up at 6 in the morning, take a light exercise or shower after mornig walk (morning walk). Then snack on your daily schedule, and relax 15 minutes after breakfast. Then you should be looking into your work. Do lunch till 2 pm. It is good for healthcare to sit silently for 15 minutes after lunch. There is no problem in taking a little snack on the hungry for 5 o'clock in the evening. Half an hour after arriving at home, rest in solitude and take a night meal at 9 pm. Then after 1 or 2 hours of food, gold should be the same. Jogging up to half an hour after meals is also quite good. By doing this, the digestion of food is easily grown. 

3. Do not overlook the Ritucharaya 

Ritucharaya means to grow according to the season. The rule of nature is change, it gives us the message that we must now convert ourselves to nature. Jada, in the summer and rainy nature, when the autumn changes, we must be prepared for change. As the changes in nature appear in the same way, we should also make changes to our miner, living, routines and Yogasana. Nature has made fruit, vegetable and food products of every season. No other season should be consumed in any other season. Watermelon or vine in the cold storage of for instance should not be consumed in the rainy month, and we should not consume the cool things in the cold days. The same rule applies to other things too. 

4. Yoga are healthy 

Today yoga is playing its major contribution to our lives. Yoga has become an integral part of our lives today. Yoga has not been so much the most prevalent but you have come to Result by yoga in which no one is surprised. Yoga has found a healthy life by many people out of serious illnesses. . So yoga is also valuable for our health. We should practise yoga and currencies as per Ritucharaya. Do not get sweaty and heat-boosting rugs in summer days. There is also the practice of currencies for health. There are also many postures for mental health that should be daily. eg – knowledge currency, this mudra is created by mixing thumb and index finger. Doing it everyday helps to increase memory and relieve mental illnesses. This also leads to insomnia and irritability. There are even more currencies that can be done. such as prana exchange, earth currency, air currency, heart currency, sun currency etc. You can learn from a good yoga guru. Many of these currencies practice Shararik and get rid of mental problems. 

5. Positive Thinking 

You should be aware that friends positive Thinking play such a huge role in our lives. Most problems like stress and depression arise because of negative thinking. So we have to make our thinking positive in order to fight stress and Deperason. You need to practise daily bharamari to enhance your positive thinking. Leave the bed before sunrise every morning. For positive thinking you can practice good satsangs, postures, exercises, currencies and good Vachak. It also relieves stress by listening to your Favourite Music. Never put yourself in solitude. You remember that Shararik and mental health can be maintained with positive thinking. So Friends must try all the time to keep yourself positive. 

6. Try to laugh overtly 

If I tell you that you choose one of a ruuthe man or a smiling person, then your choice will be a human being, that is because everyone likes to live with a smiling individual. No one would want to be with a desperate person. Always be happy, or khilakhilane our khubasuurati with a lot of laughs, which takes up four moons in our personality. 

Whenever we receive true happiness (Real happiness) or when we are happy, we have Harmonas (harmons) in our bodies that also help us fight stress. Many researches have proved that there is no better treatment, medication or way to enhance the disease, improve shararik and mental health, enhance digestive activity and increase memory, nor have any asanas or pranayamas in the same place. 

You practice overtly laughing at least twice a day in half an hour park, in the orchard or in front of the glass alone. This is an increase in the elation and rakatasachar of the organ of the body. So keep laughing and maintain good health. 

7. Keep Body and mind balance 

Sanatulit Diet, Asanas and other methods, you will not understand exactly how you are fully fit because maintaining healthy itself does not mean that you repentance from any Shararik or mental work. If your job is mentally high, do a little too much shararik in Free time, and if you do Shararik more, then give yourself time to keep yourself mentally better and work your desired so that you will Feel Better. 

Shararik (physical) and mental (mentaly) labour is very essential for good health as Shararik cannot be better fitness labour. Doing physical work also strengthens the bones. This way you can shararik and mentally healthy by maintaining a balance in the body and mind. 

Friends! Keep in mind that when you have good health you will be able to live your life in a good way as the sick body will never go ahead in life and it will always become a interruption in your life. Always be mindful of your health because once a disease has grip you, then it will be very difficult for you to get it. 

Don't be negligent about your health at all. Those who are careless have always faced troubles. Good health cannot be found again. It is only in your hands how you can keep yourself Fit and helthy. So, like your work, your health is always Serious and jiye a joyful life with a good health. 

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How to increase your weight Best tips

Simple tips for weight gain and thickening

You have seen many boys and girls who are shararik so weak in their youth who think that they will not be able to eat. Any young girl or boy should have some weight in the body at the Age of this young man. What if not the benefit of such a young and youthful fervor? Keep in mind that less weight can not attract anyone.
In Ayurveda, the person who is called a low weight or lean veins of the body, looks only bones in the body, and the person who feels tired quickly while working, the person's butt, stomach and cervical are dry. But thinness is not a disease but thinness is caused by a person's food, diet time and negligence.

Low weight or side-effects or effects Dubalepan:

 * There is an inferiority-harmful for our personal growth, due to the lower weights.

* The cause of dubalepan always remains in the.

* Due to low weight, the person is stranded by people.

* Due to low weight, the person has trouble in the job of Shararik Labour.

* Because of low weight, the person is afraid of going into marriage or in any way.

* The person may not wear clothes because of the low weight that he or she feels to wear.

* The person takes harvest from his friends, family and society because of the low weight and becomes anataramukhi.

* Low weight causes a very big weakness for the person.

* The biggest thing is that the person's confidence decreases with less weight than it does not fit anyone.

* Less weight lets the person develop hopeless thinking and he becomes mentally upset too.

Due to low weight or patalapan: 

The main cause of dubalepan is heredity, there is no need for a healthy diet and no fine food. If your digestive system is not cured, it will not let your body find the necessary nutrients in your body. Let's know because of Dubalepan:

* Be less weight due to heredity.

* Do not take balanced food according to physical exertion.

* be interested in eating. Frequent indigestion, chronic diarrhoea, sagarahani of illnesses like the disease.

* Do not fix the digestive verbs.
 21 measures and methods of strengthening the digestive tract!

 * Mental, emotional stress, because of anxiety the person gets lean. Imbalance of body harmonas.

* Exercise too much volume.

 * Soak the nutritious food in very low doses.

 * Do not eat at the right time.

* Vow or fasting keep more.

* Grow of worms in the intestines.

 * Be of diseases in the body-diabetes, insomnia, liver, diarrhea, TB, cancer, anemiya and constipation etc.

* Decreasing the amount of blood in the person's body.

 * Decreasing of Metabolisam ' Metabolism '.

 21 measures and methods of strengthening the digestive tract!

* Mental, emotional stress, because of anxiety the person gets lean.
Imbalance of body harmonas.
* Exercise too much volume.
* Soak the nutritious food in very low doses.
* Do not eat at the right time.
* Vow or fasting keep more.
* Grow of worms in the intestines.
* Be of diseases in the body-diabetes, insomnia, liver, diarrhea, TB, cancer, anemiya and constipation etc.
* Decreasing the amount of blood in the person's body.
* Decreasing of Metabolisam ' Metabolism '.

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Your weight is low or you are a victim of dubalepan. How to learn it?

Now if you are to increase your weight, you should be sure that your weight is correct or you are dubale or normal, so you can use the Body Mass Index B.M.I.. The weight in this method is derived from the proportion of age and length.

To know your B.M.I., click in the: BMI Calculator

Less than 18.5 – low weight (underweight)
18.5 to 25 – general weight (normal Weight)
25 to 29.9 – overweight (Overweight)
Over 30 – Too much weight (obese)

Generally, B.M.I. is considered good in the state of 18.5 to 25, so keep in mind that you also keep your weight in the meantime.

* 3 bad habits that will ruin your life!

Some easy ways to gain weight:

The thyride gland is the leading role of the person in increasing weight. A person who is as short and weak as pancreas will be as weak as it is to pancreas stronger, more weighty and thicker. It is important for you to eat the food which is very high in calorie intake. Your diet should include proteins, minerals, fats and carbohydratess in order to gain weight.

    *Tips for weight gain*

 Complete and deep sleep :-

our life is very essential for us to have a very good sleep in the same way as food and water is necessary. Take at least 8 hours of sleep every day. Having a good sleep creates new cells in our body and turns out to be the old cellists. To sleep well, sleep immediately after dinner and get up early in the morning. So start sleeping deep.


exercise is so beneficial for us to be aware of it. By making a sarasaij, calories in our body are divided into the right amount of our body parts which do not grow belly fat. Exercise also increases the muscles of cholesterol and the body as well, hunger opens, which also makes the food digested well and the body becomes stronger.
You can adopt these exercise remedies-yoga, pranayama, push-ups, footballing, sharing, penalty or playing a game such as playing badminton, playing cricket or playing games, etc.

Use daily massage

Use daily massage to strengthen the body to incorporate massage into your routine. It accurately transmits the blood circulation in our body, which gives the right nourishment to the muscles and the development of the body is well-founded. You can use mustard oil, coconut oil, almond oil and olive oil for massaging.

Water more drunk

Water is very beneficial for our health. So drink more than 2 liters of water every day. This causes the toxic substances in the body to come out and the digestion of food is also well. Water maintains haste in our bodies which do not cause weakness when working or sarasaijing.

Avoid stress

Stress is the root of many diseases because when a person is in stress, he is unable to concentrate on his body which consequently surrounds many diseases. You can take this into account until you are away from stress and not happy to lose weight. So if you have to be fat, take away the anxiety, stress and stress from your life and learn to be happy, which is one of the most invaluable things in our life.
Staying away from stress-general

Good habits Adopted

Good habits always keep in mind that eating more food is more essential. Always eat well chewing-Chabakar eat. Do not eat while watching TV, reading Letakar or newspaper. It does not feel food in the body. Do not drink the tea or coffee after eating, it does not digested with the right food and it becomes poisonous. The most important thing is to always eat a happy mind. So that he pache well.

Wear Do

Many people are inexplicably consumed by things that don't beneficial for them. Don't eat anything that you don't digested correctly. Don't use it if you don't like oily food or you don't like non-vegetarian food. This may affect your body. If your health is damaged by intake of them, then it is very difficult to recreate that health.

Junk Food

Do not consume junk food many people drink out of their weight quickly to raise food which makes them a patient of many illnesses. The weight of junk food increases, but it also spoils your digestive activity and causes sugar and heart disease to occur.
Do not use drugs many youth use shortcuts to gain weight and gain access to multiple drugs. The use of pharmaceutical drugs causes many problems in the future and also has a lot of side effects.

Some simple ways to gain weight: 

Be sure to include the nutritious foods mentioned below to increase your weight:

Eat potatoes

 The potatoes help the most in weight gain. The potato consists of the weight gain properties that contain calories and fiber. So eat potatoes in an excessive amount.

Take Dairy substances

You should use the food of the shops to gain weight such as milk, yogurt, butter and paneer etc. milk contains a large amount of fat, calcium and vitamins. The protein in yogurt is highly found so that the stomach seems to be clogged for a long time. Everyday curds seem to be gaining weight.

Meat intake

If you are a carnivorous, you can consume eggs, fish, meat. It's the very best source of protein and fat. In addition, it manufactures muscles and repairs the cells of the body, but excess intake of meat increases cholesterol so you can have many diseases.

Use vegetables 

If you don't eat meat so you can take vegetables. These mainly include pulses, soybeans, rajma, paneer etc.
Take the whole diet to increase the weight you take to take the big meal in the day 5 to 6 times a little meal. Keep eating time consistent. Take a snack in the morning and lunch and dinner at the same time.
Eat nutrients, always include nutritious food. In which you can take butter, fruits, green vegetables, ghee, yogurt, juice, jaggery, dry fruitss, salads etc. This substance gives the body a rich energy. This food patalapans away from eating continuously so that you start to become obese and it brings texture to your face which increases your confidence. Keep in mind that the name of the food is away from the junk food itself.

Entreesare essential:

You will know the advantages of taking snack. This will help you thicken and make your body and mind healthier. You can take entrees in the middle of your meals like-sandwich, biscuit, samause, dried nuts etc.

Eat Fruits

Eat fruit you can take fruit, banana, papaya, cantaloupe, watermelon, pomegranate, apple, mango, seasonal carrot, tomato, seasonal fruit, orange, etc. to increase your weight. These fruits contain vitamins, minerals, energy and nutrients. In addition, these fruits also remove the body's fragility and weakness.

Take dry fruitss

 To increase the weight of your body and use almonds, raisins, figs, cashew nuts, pistachio and peanuts. It contains fats, carbohydrates and nutrients.

Take Honey

Honey taking honey gives a lot of benefits in weight gain. So you can take honey.

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What to eat to make good body

How to build your good body

      Hello friends you are thinking how to make Achachi pericarp now, let me tell you about it.

   *    Let's  start this topic 

Today, the told of the body building is looking very fast and what is old, what is going on in the gym, the hour is shedding sweat, going to the gym, not just being a sweat shed. The body building is a further thing than punishment and drinking milk. If you need good body, you need to eat a diet filled with proteins and nutrients. For body building you need to stop eating sugar, carb and fat. Those interested in body building will be aware of the Aharo through this article, which would quickly become your body by eating regularly. Eat a diet that also has a imamayuun, energy and a strong system. There are roughly three parts of the body building-exercise, diet and comfort. 

To make good body select the good gym where you can exercise under the trainer. 

 Just exercise alone won't make your body unless you have a good diet. 

 So your body feels very exhaustive when you put it in the gym, your body needs rest. Sleep is very important during workouts. 
 The good body you need to know is Kikaya food, you can make Apachachi body by adopting the following diet. 


 can be nothing good than egg for body building. Each egg contains 6 to 8 grams of protein content and is 0 per cent fat. Eggs should always be boiled. To make mash, you need to eat up to 5-6 eggs a day. The protein found in eggs helps in creating Musls. Protein as well as calcium, iron and zinc are also found in eggs. 


 fish actually helps to build muscle and reduce fat. Mono saichureted fat is required to grow your muscles. When doing the workout, all the fat in the body is burned, and mono-saichureteded fat in the body increases energy in the body. 


 Oats are the perfect mixture of carbohydrates, fiber, protein, minerals and vitamins and are very healthy for the body. In order to increase the catabolism process in the body, oats trenches. Eating it also helps not JAMTA fat in the body and increase musls. 


 for almond body building are considered very good necks. It contains a lot of amino acids that are useful in making mashs. 



 The paneer cheese is found in high doses of proteins. It does not have a total bill of fat, so it is good for the body building. Cheese contains proteins, calcium and vitamin B12, which is helpful in making our weak hadidayo satranag. It contains proteins derived from milk. That's why the body building is used to make a lot of things. 


 florets iron, protein, Cal Shiyam, carbohydrates, chromium, vitamins A and C are found to be beneficial to the body. It contains vitamin C, which does not immediately worsen the cell in the body and enhances immunity in the body. 


 bananas thymin, niacin and folic acid are present in sufficient quantities such as vitamins A and B. Bananas are considered to be a good source of energy. In addition, the water content is 64.3 per cent, protein 1.3%, carbohydrates 24.7 per cent and lubricating 8.3%. 
 The best part is that it raises good bacteria in the body so that the imamayuun system of body builders is strong and the diseases are overcome.

*What to do in the early days of making pericarp

  Test the doctor :

First meet the doctor . Check your body. Know the body's needs and medical condition. Consult the doctor before doing any one idea.

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Select a good gym:

Select a good gym to build your body, where you can make a sarasaij in the trainer's under. The atmosphere, atmosphere and location of the gym should be good.

Strengthen your muscles:

Strengthen your muscles before lifting heavy weights. Avoid injuries to your muscles. Once the muscles is closed, there is no pain and you can relax a exercise.

Create a training partner that will get a better result:

Yes, dude, it's really true that if you create a training partner at the gym, you get comfortable creating your body. You can pair it with him less.

Always warmup:

Warmup the body before you make any lift. This will not cause a sudden pressure on the body. Warmup comes with flexibility in the body.


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Weight lose tips fast and easily

How to lose our weight

{By : Akshay Barwal}

                    Having more obesity in today's time is also a sign of many diseases if you are fit and fine, you may have a variety of ailments you have seen today petite the most people who have a lot of useless and crappy sounds that fit you And there is no tadurasat, or many people have a lot of weight so today we will show you some tips that you can follow and surf in 1 to 2 months to reduce weight.

Some people do not take care of the food which accounts for which further jakes them to face obesity, as well as not any kind of physical work  that increases obesity, the  energy in the works Not because the energy that they have in our body and gradually the obesity of our body comes out of the petite that is very useless in the view of all the people you say it is not so fine, and then all of these To avoid things you think of how to lose weight  Let's know what tips you should follow for weight loss.

Weight lose tips

1. Race Daily
Running daily for weight loss is considered to be a very rewarding and best approach you may have seen many people who are obese, start to race early in the morning to race as much as you can in Mornig walk in the morning and lagaie a weight loss is quite supportive.

2. Do yoga Daily

If you want to lose weight as soon as possible, you can make daily yoga for such as levee Badhasan, Nokasan yoga Kapalbharti etc. These yoga will reduce the extra fat of your stomach so that your weight will be reduced slowly so yoga you have to do it every day.

3. Drink more water

Amount Aham is the role of water in weight loss if you drink half gahanate of water before eating every day, it will help you lose weight and you will feel less hungry and you won't have to eat more slowly if you want to lose weight daily In the morning, a two-glass light warm water will drink an empty stomach so that your stomach fat starts to decrease gradually.

4. Drink green vegetables

Eating green vegetables such as greens, eyelids, cabbage etc. will not be a vent for you to be very profitable for the body and will not increase your weight.

5. Start the gym

Reduce weight from the gym Gayam is quite helpful in decreasing weight loss you may have seen that people who are obese are too fat to start to become most geme, and after a few months they seem to fit and fine, so the gym will also give you weight loss. Can.

6. Drink black tee and green tea daily

From the black tee and the green tee you can significantly decrease the weight of these tea antioxidant and caffeine that is found which reduces obesity and fat of the stomach.

*Fast lose the weight

Fast Weight loss: day-by growing weight today has become the common problem of everyone. The problem of growing weight in the first time was only visible to older people, but nowadays, obesity is also being transmitted in young children, which is responsible for our lifestyle and other reasons. We resort to dietings, gyms, and other ways to reduce our weight, which result in no good and much effort too. If you want to lose weight easily, today we'll show you just 10 easy ways, which can try to reduce your weight faster. 

1. Reduce 100 calories per day

To remove 2 pounds of fat from the body in 2 weeks, you should reduce 100 calories daily. More calories can be reduced by strict diet and fast keeping. It also increases the energy level. If eating more fat foods, then start getting low-fat foods. 

 Good diet to lose weight your meal

 should be made up of these four categories-brands, cereals and cereals. Plus fruits and vegetables in your diet. Low-fat dairy products, diluted meats, fish and nuts should include a richer protein. 

Eat more fruits and whole grains

Agaravajan ghatanachahate faster, so drink more of fruits, veggies and proven grains. Also eat less fiber and less food.  

Drink more water

Water is very essential for our superior health but water also helps in weight loss in two ways. This increases the amount of energy or calories that the body burns. As well as eliminating the habit of eating more. 

Avoid over eating

Skip the habit of eating and take the amount of food, as much as possible to satisfy your appetite. Always include snacks in your diet that always keep your tummy full. So fresh fruits, air-popaded popcorn and nuts can be healthy snacks for you.

  × Do not for weight loss – decrease weight

Often, people amount hard work for weight loss, but forget to refrain if you are try weight loss so you have to do some dieting that will reduce your weight and quickness.

1. Reduce the intake of fried things

If you want to lose weight as soon as possible, you must reduce the intake of fried things to reduce the intake of these fried things.

2. The account does not sleep

Often people eat on their own bed, if you don't make these mistakes, then you can make a little speech after you eat it will be a great benefit when most people sleep to rest after eating in the afternoon. That seems to grow fat.

3. Don't eat junk food

Today, in part race life, people eat a lot of junk food that is causing many diseases, junk food such as pizza burgers, crunchy chips, etc. phaitanes all the more.

So these are some things you can follow and be careful to easily reduce the weight that you've been asked to avoid. It is very helpful in weight loss.

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Importance of yoga in modern life

What is yoga 

Let us understand the meaning of yoga first. There is no clue to the name and effect of yoga in the world. The world's panacea cure for keeping healthy in the urbanization round is yoga. On the same lines, World Yoga Day is celebrated on June 21. Yoga is essential for everyone. Yoga is more than anything beyond philosophy and religion and mathematics. Yoga is the world of Bharat. For this reason the whole world considers India as a vishwaguru and adopts yoga. Therefore do not add yoga to a particular religion. Let's take advantage of what it is. The regular practice does not only relieve all types of diseases but also strengthen the body by doing regular yoga. After a day of daily work, sitting in the open air regularly 20-30 minutes of yoga, the body is beautiful and tight-fit. Yoga brings peace to the mind so that blood circulation is cured and the heart remains healthy.

Importance of yoga in our life

               In today's fast-paced life, people have to take care of themselves as they leave. No one has the time to exercise, nor do people take care of the right of the mine. In this way, we do other things in running. But the most important thing we do is brake on our health of has.

As a result of not properly caring for health, there are a number of things like stress, fatigue, irritation, a variety of shararik diseases etc. For all these reasons, our lives become congested. There is a need for exercise to keep life healthy and energetic. But having a hard and tiring two-and-a-half hour long workout is not just a matter of everyone.

It is only a regular 20-30 minute yoga beneficial. The peculiarity of yoga is that it is not only shararik we are healthy, but it also eliminates many kinds of illnesses from our bodies. Many diseases are born in our bodies which we are not even aware of at the moment.

So yoga is nothing short of a panacea potion for our body. It makes our brains a strained and body fit. We can say that by doing yoga, life gets a healthy speed. So let's know in detail today in Yoga for Health in Hindi.

Importance and benefits in the life of yoga

In your mind, a question often comes up and why do we have yoga? While we are mentally and physically, there is also no problem. When we have no time and we are healthy, then what we need is yoga. Today we will do our best to remove you from this article and you explain the importance of yoga in life. Yoga also keeps our minds healthy as well as our bodies. Yoga enjoys the sensation of pleasure and sorrow on the other side, while Bliss is also above the pleasure. When you do yoga for the first time, it makes sense to enjoy what happens. In the enjoyment of the bliss, not in sexual intercourse nor in any other transient pleasures. Yoga is given two meanings of the word and both are very important for life. The first is the meaning – the addition is another meaning – samadhi (meditation). As long as we don't add our body to yoga art, it's impossible to get noticed. Above, we have the pleasure of being discussed, the second meaning of the ladder of yoga begins carefully.

Meditation is the near part of yoga. Meditation leads to a confluence of the body and the brain. Note that the Daka of meditation is more than our country has been buzzing abroad. In today's time the day-night part for living-race, pressure of work, distrust in relationships and stress due to distance etc. is growing very fast. There is no better choice than meditation in such an environment. Meditation brings away mental stress and leads to a profound spiritual peace of mind that enhances work power, increases sleep well, increases mind concentration and perception power.

1. Makes the body resilient and strong – 

in the gym you are able to exercise a particular organ, whereas yoga paratayagos the entire organ of the body, the gland's exercise. Because all our limbs work smoothly, because yoga brings strength to our body parts so that our body becomes resilient and flexible every day.

2. People – Fresh and elation –

 regular yoga allows you to feel closer to nature so that you feel refreshed and elation all day. Mentally, you will also be calm and relieve stress.

3. Keep the mind calm – 

when the mind is calm, stress will also be overcome. Regular yoga rugs are carefully and the brain is calm and the body remains balanced. Yoga serves as a fit for both the mind and the internal communication right. Regular yoga has the ability to think and balance the parts of creativity. This makes the intellect sharper and sharper, as well as rapid growth in the power of Atamaniyataran.

 4. People – Fresh and elation –

 regular yoga allows you to feel closer to nature so that you feel refreshed and elation all day. Mentally, you will also be calm and relieve stress.

5. Keep away from stress –

 routine practice of yoga causes good muscle exercise. Because of the stress that is relieved, blood pressure is kalastaral control, sleep is good, appetite is good and digestion is also true. By regular practice, stress is gradually eliminated from the its entirety.

Getting rid of yoga illnesses

We use drugs to get rid of diseases. However, we all go and do not have any medications to affect anyone. And sometimes, if the drugs fix a disease, other diseases tend to be cured. Sometimes people get to hear such complaints. When the problem of acne is treated by pharmaceuticals, many girls stop menstruation.

If you search the Internet, you will be heard to hear a plethora of complaints. On the contrary, if we adopt yoga, it does not do any harm when doing yoga correctly. Basarate All the information you have to suit your body. These reasons have increased the importance of yoga in the modern age. The reason for its enlargement is the mind and anxiety. Every single person in today needs yoga. Because the mind and body have become diseased by excessive stress, air pollution and bhagamabhag.

Yoga is burning the body's atarikat fat thereby controlling obesity. This improves blood circulation, which leads to control of cholesterol. If you do not know what to do, we want to let the yoga grow even in beauty. Doing yoga keeps the mind calm. There are so many benefits to the health of yoga that the whole world is now moving towards yoga. Let us also know about the benefits that yoga meet.

Decrease obesity

Every third person in today's time is disturbed by the problem of obesity. Obesity can be found by yoga. When we go to the gym, it is the exercise of a particular organ in the body, if we speak of yoga, the exercise of all organs in the body. Yoga has different totals to remove the fat of different parts. There are also some Yoga for Weight Loss including Sun salutations that have a whole body exercise and reduce obesity.

Also beneficial in pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time in which pregnant needs good care. Yoga helps to relieve pregnancy troubles. When yoga regularly, back and foot pain, no sleep, excessive stress nijads. It is better to Rakatasachar. The flexibility also comes due to stretch muscles. But of course, pregnant women should take advice from their doctor before starting yoga.

Other Advantages

1. Physical health is not only beneficial to grow beauty, even yoga. Yoga is also important in making muhaso, wrinkles and hair beautiful.

2. Yoga is also specially suited for women's Shararik creation. It gives them gracefulness, growth, sughadata and qualities like speed, beauty, etc.

3. By doing yoga, the body remains balanced. As well as focusing on breathing and balancing rugs, the brain remains calm.

4. By doing Yogasana, you have to increase your intellects. This gives the body new elation and freshness. This makes the negativity worse than the mind and the thoughts of the individuals are positive.

5. Regular practice of yoga increases the power of fighting diseases. The effect of ageing does not quickly reads. Glowing on the face makes the body healthier, Nirog and powerful.

6. Yoga does not have wrinkles in our face and in the body.It makes our age look younger.Our fitness is absolutely intact.

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Why we need physical fitness for people

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               As you saw by people that why we need physical fitness for people because Fitness keeps you physically fit and is less likely to get sick By exercising everyday and eating a good diet, your fitness always persists.Fitness person also fits mentally.We know the importance of staying fit when we are in the age of children or teens.And then our body is able to withstand all kinds of stress.We are not serious about our fitness at this age, so it can become a lesson for us in old.

There are two concepts under physical fitness

Number one general fitness{ A situation of health and fitness}  number two specific fitness{Karayonamukhi definition based on game or ability to do specific aspects of businesses}General Body Fitness and exercise the diet is achieved by adequate exercise.It's an important part of life.

The body is a biological machinery

As the machine is malfunctioning recklessly, the same is way our body .
If you won't use it you will lose it.

Fitness provides health benefits

Fitness provides health benefits which keeps people away from the risk of sickness and provides the power to accompany daily activities with complete energy. Can be fitted by exercising everyday.

Making your body self-reliant

Good health does not depend on low or high weight. Staying fit will keep you self-reliant in old age. Every person must exercise at least 30 minutes all day of the week.

If physical fitness is right, it is helpful to keep diseases away from yourself.

Those who have adopted the active lifestyle by abandoning the sedentary lifestyle felt they had less illnesses. On the contrary, sedentary lifestyle people lived unfit. It is never too late to receive health benefits and to become physically active.
Many diseases are seen by adding to the lifestyle as the sedentary lifestyle becomes compromised with a nutritious diet somewhere. Exercise decreases the chances of heart attack. This reduces stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes type 2, colon cancer, breast cancer, hadidayo breakdown, gallbladder disease, obesity, depression and anxiety.

What are the best effects of fitness in your family

Exercise is a good way to achieve fitness and every person should take the importance of it seriously.Improving physical health positively impacts your family, personal relationships, your business and every aspect of your life. In addition, it also helps to reduce health costs and provides you with economic benefits.

Importance of the physical fitness in our life

  *  It helps us to do the stress of our body

Career and family responsibilities, workload, lack of time, growing distances, loneliness and ambitions between relationships, today are most of the people who face these situations. This has greatly increased the level of stress in their lives. The negative effect is on their physical and mental health and quality of life. It is important that you do not place such stress in your mind.This also affects your body.

Avoid this murderous obesity.

Obesity means growing fat in the body by requiring unsympathetic to grow in the body. The World Health Organization has covered the 10 most threats to obesity health. According to statistics 10 per cent of the population is obese.

Create regular routines

Create a regular cycle of waking up your sleep. If Soege and Jagege at a given time every day, you will experience more energetic and fresh. If you want to change your sleep pattern, change it gradually by 15 minutes of change. In this way, you also have to make a fixed time of food so that your body will be accustomed to maintaining the energy level by that time.

Enter the habit of everyday practice

It is important to be healthy and energy-rich in today's fast paced life. What could be better than exercise. It helps not only physically healthy living, but also mental peace. Only 15 minutes exercise every day according to a news published in ' Lanset ' can extend your lifetime to 3 years.

Increase lifespan 3 years 15 min Exercise

-70 percent people take a resolution when the year starts, with the health resolutions the most recent. 
--10 percent of the population is obese, according to World Health Organization data worldwide. 
-Take 6 to 8 hours of time to sleep and have the resolution for it. 
-2008 research has surfaced that meditation strengthens the nervous system.

Make annual Health Checkup

In our country, there is so much health awareness that most of the people are not chaikap to see the symptoms of the disease even if the situation is out of control. Medical test is necessary so that the symptoms can be identified before they appear.

The benefits of health checkup 

most people think that they are fully fit and healthy. There is nothing wrong with them. Health check-ups for them are nothing more than a waste of time and money. Symptoms of many serious illnesses do not come into the first phase. Medical test is essential so that the illnesses are time-tested, or the apprehension of many diseases can be eliminated only by lifestyle changes, food control and light exercise. Therefore, routine checkup must be made.

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How to fade and remove dark spots on your skin

Ways to Fade and Remove Dark Spots on Your Skin

As you age, you realize that wrinkles can make you look much older than you really are. But there are other culprits that can add years to your appearance. One of these is getting dark spots on your skin.
Fortunately, there are home remedies, topical products, and cosmetic procedures that could effectively fade or permanently remove dark spots. Below, I am sharing with you the most common treatments.

Natural Remedies to Remove Dark Spots

1. Apply Lemon Juice
Lemon juice's acidity acts like a bleaching agent and helps reduce discoloration on your face.1Use a cotton ball or Q-tip to apply the juice onto your liver spots twice a day. It is a good idea to test this first on a small area of your face to see how your skin will react to the lemon juice. If you have sensitive skin, I recommend diluting the juice with a bit of water.
2. Use Aloe Vera Gel
The gel of the aloe vera plant is chock-full of antioxidants like vitamins A, C, and, E, which help to reduce brown spots and even out skin tone.2 Vitamin A speeds up your skin's natural shedding process, vitamin C brightens your complexion, and vitamin E renews the epidermis. Aloe works especially well if you have dark spots caused by sun exposure because the plant has been used for thousands of years to relieve sunburns.
You can buy 100% aloe vera gel at a health food store, but using gel directly from the plant is preferable. To do this, cut off a piece of an aloe vera leaf and split it in half. Carve out the jelly-like flesh and apply this directly onto your skin.

3. Yogurt or Buttermilk
These diary products contain high amounts of lactic acid, which lightens and exfoliates the skin. You can apply yogurt or buttermilk directly onto your skin like a mask and leave it on for 20 minutes before washing it off.3

4. Apple Cider Vinegar
Rich in antioxidants and minerals, apple cider vinegar is a popular home product used for treating all sorts of ailments. Those with scarring and pigmentation swear by this simple remedy because the alpha hydroxy acid gets rid of dead skin cell.4
Mix equal parts apple cider vinegar and water. You can apply this over your entire face because it is pH balanced, so it acts as a toner. However, if you detest the smell, let the solution sit for 20 minutes before rinsing.

Topical Products That Reduce Dark Spots on Your Skin

1. Hydroquinone
There are a lot of topical treatments on the market that promise to get rid of dark spots. Choose one that contains hydroquinone, a bleaching agent that helps remove age spots and is safe to use on the skin. You can also use one that contains kojic acid, which has bleaching properties as well.
2. Retinoid
This is a potent manmade form of vitamin A, and it works by encouraging rapid cell-turnover. When old skin cells die, they make way for new skin growth. The idea is to shed the layer of skin with the dark spots so that new, unblemished skin can grow in its place. Retinoid also curbs the production of melanin (the pigment your skin produces that creates dark spots).
If you purchase over-the-counter treatments, the ingredient you will find is called "retinol," which is a vitamin A that naturally occurs in the skin. This form of vitamin A is not as potent as retinoid.5
Retinoids are prescription-only and fall under these three names:
  • Tretinoin, including the brands Atralin, Retin-A, Retin-A Micro, and Renova
  • Tazarotene, such as the brand Tazorac
  • Adapalene, such as the brand Differin
These products are 100 times more potent than the retinol found over the counter.6

Retin-A treatment for dark spots
Retin-A treatment for dark spots
3. Salicylic Acid
You may have heard of salicylic acid being used to treat acne, but it can also be used to lighten dark spots. Salicylic acid works by causing the outermost layer of the skin to soften and then peel. This helps remove dead skin cells and allows new cells to surface.
4. Glycolic Acid
This is a an AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) derived from sugar and works as a natural exfoliator, sloughing off dead skin to promote the growth of new skin cells. Dermatologists suggest using a product with at least 10% glycolic acid in order to see results.

5. Medical Treatments
If you have the money and you want fast results, you can opt for medical treatments. Common treatments for dark spots include chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and laser therapy. Chemical peel and microdermabrasion promote skin regeneration by removing the top layer of the skin. Laser therapy involves the use of different types of lasers that reduce accumulated melanin on a certain area. It is best to consult your doctor and ask about which treatment is best for your skin type. 

How to prevent dark spots on your face

Sun damage is the primary cause of dark spots, so be sure to protect yourself from harmful UVA and UVB rays.
  • Steer clear of tanning beds.
  • Wear sunscreen with at least SPF 30. If you are using vitamin A or a product that exfoliates, your skin will be even more sensitive to the sun, so cover your face as much as possible.
  • Make sure to wear protective gears and clothing that minimize sun contact as much as possible. Hats and sunglasses are great accessories to help shield your face from the sun.
  • Seek shade whenever possible.

1. Sun Damage (Solar Lentigos)
The leading cause of dark spots, liver spots, and/or freckles is sun damage. Overexposure to UVA/UVB rays, either directly from the sun or through the use of tanning beds, breaks down collagen and causes your skin to produce excess melanin, which leads to discoloration or hyperpigmentation. The damage may not be evident right away, especially if you are young, but you will see the effects of sun damage more prominently when you hit your 40s.
2. Melasma
Women are more likely to suffer from this condition. It is characterized by brown to gray-brown patches that appear on the skin. It is usually caused by sun damage but can also appear during pregnancy.
3. Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (Acne Scarring)
Acne sufferers often develop dark spots or hyperpigmentation caused by injury of the skin through picking or popping pimples

How to get rid dark spots


The acidity acts like a bleaching agent and helps reduce discoloration.

Aloe vera

Contains vitamins A, C, and, E, which help to reduce brown spots and even out skin tone.

Yogurt or buttermilk

They both contain high amounts of lactic acid, which lightens and exfoliates the skin

Apple cider vinegar

Contains alpha hydroxy acid, which gets rid of dead skin cells. It is also rich in vitamins and minerals, helping to brighten and heal the skin.


A bleaching agent that helps remove liver spots.


A potent form of vitamin A that encourages rapid cell-turnover. It works by shedding the outer layer of skin and encouraging cell regerneration. It also curbs the product.

Salicylic Acid

Lightens age spots by softening the skin, thereby helping it peel.

Glycolic Acid

An AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) derived from sugar. It sloughs off dead skin to promote the growth of new skin cells. Use a formula that contains at least 10%.

Chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and laser therapy

These medical procedures physically remove any pigmentation imperfections on your skin's outer epidermis

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