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How to lose our weight

{By : Akshay Barwal}

                    Having more obesity in today's time is also a sign of many diseases if you are fit and fine, you may have a variety of ailments you have seen today petite the most people who have a lot of useless and crappy sounds that fit you And there is no tadurasat, or many people have a lot of weight so today we will show you some tips that you can follow and surf in 1 to 2 months to reduce weight.

Some people do not take care of the food which accounts for which further jakes them to face obesity, as well as not any kind of physical work  that increases obesity, the  energy in the works Not because the energy that they have in our body and gradually the obesity of our body comes out of the petite that is very useless in the view of all the people you say it is not so fine, and then all of these To avoid things you think of how to lose weight  Let's know what tips you should follow for weight loss.

Weight lose tips

1. Race Daily
Running daily for weight loss is considered to be a very rewarding and best approach you may have seen many people who are obese, start to race early in the morning to race as much as you can in Mornig walk in the morning and lagaie a weight loss is quite supportive.

2. Do yoga Daily

If you want to lose weight as soon as possible, you can make daily yoga for such as levee Badhasan, Nokasan yoga Kapalbharti etc. These yoga will reduce the extra fat of your stomach so that your weight will be reduced slowly so yoga you have to do it every day.

3. Drink more water

Amount Aham is the role of water in weight loss if you drink half gahanate of water before eating every day, it will help you lose weight and you will feel less hungry and you won't have to eat more slowly if you want to lose weight daily In the morning, a two-glass light warm water will drink an empty stomach so that your stomach fat starts to decrease gradually.

4. Drink green vegetables

Eating green vegetables such as greens, eyelids, cabbage etc. will not be a vent for you to be very profitable for the body and will not increase your weight.

5. Start the gym

Reduce weight from the gym Gayam is quite helpful in decreasing weight loss you may have seen that people who are obese are too fat to start to become most geme, and after a few months they seem to fit and fine, so the gym will also give you weight loss. Can.

6. Drink black tee and green tea daily

From the black tee and the green tee you can significantly decrease the weight of these tea antioxidant and caffeine that is found which reduces obesity and fat of the stomach.

*Fast lose the weight

Fast Weight loss: day-by growing weight today has become the common problem of everyone. The problem of growing weight in the first time was only visible to older people, but nowadays, obesity is also being transmitted in young children, which is responsible for our lifestyle and other reasons. We resort to dietings, gyms, and other ways to reduce our weight, which result in no good and much effort too. If you want to lose weight easily, today we'll show you just 10 easy ways, which can try to reduce your weight faster. 

1. Reduce 100 calories per day

To remove 2 pounds of fat from the body in 2 weeks, you should reduce 100 calories daily. More calories can be reduced by strict diet and fast keeping. It also increases the energy level. If eating more fat foods, then start getting low-fat foods. 

 Good diet to lose weight your meal

 should be made up of these four categories-brands, cereals and cereals. Plus fruits and vegetables in your diet. Low-fat dairy products, diluted meats, fish and nuts should include a richer protein. 

Eat more fruits and whole grains

Agaravajan ghatanachahate faster, so drink more of fruits, veggies and proven grains. Also eat less fiber and less food.  

Drink more water

Water is very essential for our superior health but water also helps in weight loss in two ways. This increases the amount of energy or calories that the body burns. As well as eliminating the habit of eating more. 

Avoid over eating

Skip the habit of eating and take the amount of food, as much as possible to satisfy your appetite. Always include snacks in your diet that always keep your tummy full. So fresh fruits, air-popaded popcorn and nuts can be healthy snacks for you.

  × Do not for weight loss – decrease weight

Often, people amount hard work for weight loss, but forget to refrain if you are try weight loss so you have to do some dieting that will reduce your weight and quickness.

1. Reduce the intake of fried things

If you want to lose weight as soon as possible, you must reduce the intake of fried things to reduce the intake of these fried things.

2. The account does not sleep

Often people eat on their own bed, if you don't make these mistakes, then you can make a little speech after you eat it will be a great benefit when most people sleep to rest after eating in the afternoon. That seems to grow fat.

3. Don't eat junk food

Today, in part race life, people eat a lot of junk food that is causing many diseases, junk food such as pizza burgers, crunchy chips, etc. phaitanes all the more.

So these are some things you can follow and be careful to easily reduce the weight that you've been asked to avoid. It is very helpful in weight loss.

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