How to increase your weight Best tips

Simple tips for weight gain and thickening

You have seen many boys and girls who are shararik so weak in their youth who think that they will not be able to eat. Any young girl or boy should have some weight in the body at the Age of this young man. What if not the benefit of such a young and youthful fervor? Keep in mind that less weight can not attract anyone.
In Ayurveda, the person who is called a low weight or lean veins of the body, looks only bones in the body, and the person who feels tired quickly while working, the person's butt, stomach and cervical are dry. But thinness is not a disease but thinness is caused by a person's food, diet time and negligence.

Low weight or side-effects or effects Dubalepan:

 * There is an inferiority-harmful for our personal growth, due to the lower weights.

* The cause of dubalepan always remains in the.

* Due to low weight, the person is stranded by people.

* Due to low weight, the person has trouble in the job of Shararik Labour.

* Because of low weight, the person is afraid of going into marriage or in any way.

* The person may not wear clothes because of the low weight that he or she feels to wear.

* The person takes harvest from his friends, family and society because of the low weight and becomes anataramukhi.

* Low weight causes a very big weakness for the person.

* The biggest thing is that the person's confidence decreases with less weight than it does not fit anyone.

* Less weight lets the person develop hopeless thinking and he becomes mentally upset too.

Due to low weight or patalapan: 

The main cause of dubalepan is heredity, there is no need for a healthy diet and no fine food. If your digestive system is not cured, it will not let your body find the necessary nutrients in your body. Let's know because of Dubalepan:

* Be less weight due to heredity.

* Do not take balanced food according to physical exertion.

* be interested in eating. Frequent indigestion, chronic diarrhoea, sagarahani of illnesses like the disease.

* Do not fix the digestive verbs.
 21 measures and methods of strengthening the digestive tract!

 * Mental, emotional stress, because of anxiety the person gets lean. Imbalance of body harmonas.

* Exercise too much volume.

 * Soak the nutritious food in very low doses.

 * Do not eat at the right time.

* Vow or fasting keep more.

* Grow of worms in the intestines.

 * Be of diseases in the body-diabetes, insomnia, liver, diarrhea, TB, cancer, anemiya and constipation etc.

* Decreasing the amount of blood in the person's body.

 * Decreasing of Metabolisam ' Metabolism '.

 21 measures and methods of strengthening the digestive tract!

* Mental, emotional stress, because of anxiety the person gets lean.
Imbalance of body harmonas.
* Exercise too much volume.
* Soak the nutritious food in very low doses.
* Do not eat at the right time.
* Vow or fasting keep more.
* Grow of worms in the intestines.
* Be of diseases in the body-diabetes, insomnia, liver, diarrhea, TB, cancer, anemiya and constipation etc.
* Decreasing the amount of blood in the person's body.
* Decreasing of Metabolisam ' Metabolism '.

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Your weight is low or you are a victim of dubalepan. How to learn it?

Now if you are to increase your weight, you should be sure that your weight is correct or you are dubale or normal, so you can use the Body Mass Index B.M.I.. The weight in this method is derived from the proportion of age and length.

To know your B.M.I., click in the: BMI Calculator

Less than 18.5 – low weight (underweight)
18.5 to 25 – general weight (normal Weight)
25 to 29.9 – overweight (Overweight)
Over 30 – Too much weight (obese)

Generally, B.M.I. is considered good in the state of 18.5 to 25, so keep in mind that you also keep your weight in the meantime.

* 3 bad habits that will ruin your life!

Some easy ways to gain weight:

The thyride gland is the leading role of the person in increasing weight. A person who is as short and weak as pancreas will be as weak as it is to pancreas stronger, more weighty and thicker. It is important for you to eat the food which is very high in calorie intake. Your diet should include proteins, minerals, fats and carbohydratess in order to gain weight.

    *Tips for weight gain*

 Complete and deep sleep :-

our life is very essential for us to have a very good sleep in the same way as food and water is necessary. Take at least 8 hours of sleep every day. Having a good sleep creates new cells in our body and turns out to be the old cellists. To sleep well, sleep immediately after dinner and get up early in the morning. So start sleeping deep.


exercise is so beneficial for us to be aware of it. By making a sarasaij, calories in our body are divided into the right amount of our body parts which do not grow belly fat. Exercise also increases the muscles of cholesterol and the body as well, hunger opens, which also makes the food digested well and the body becomes stronger.
You can adopt these exercise remedies-yoga, pranayama, push-ups, footballing, sharing, penalty or playing a game such as playing badminton, playing cricket or playing games, etc.

Use daily massage

Use daily massage to strengthen the body to incorporate massage into your routine. It accurately transmits the blood circulation in our body, which gives the right nourishment to the muscles and the development of the body is well-founded. You can use mustard oil, coconut oil, almond oil and olive oil for massaging.

Water more drunk

Water is very beneficial for our health. So drink more than 2 liters of water every day. This causes the toxic substances in the body to come out and the digestion of food is also well. Water maintains haste in our bodies which do not cause weakness when working or sarasaijing.

Avoid stress

Stress is the root of many diseases because when a person is in stress, he is unable to concentrate on his body which consequently surrounds many diseases. You can take this into account until you are away from stress and not happy to lose weight. So if you have to be fat, take away the anxiety, stress and stress from your life and learn to be happy, which is one of the most invaluable things in our life.
Staying away from stress-general

Good habits Adopted

Good habits always keep in mind that eating more food is more essential. Always eat well chewing-Chabakar eat. Do not eat while watching TV, reading Letakar or newspaper. It does not feel food in the body. Do not drink the tea or coffee after eating, it does not digested with the right food and it becomes poisonous. The most important thing is to always eat a happy mind. So that he pache well.

Wear Do

Many people are inexplicably consumed by things that don't beneficial for them. Don't eat anything that you don't digested correctly. Don't use it if you don't like oily food or you don't like non-vegetarian food. This may affect your body. If your health is damaged by intake of them, then it is very difficult to recreate that health.

Junk Food

Do not consume junk food many people drink out of their weight quickly to raise food which makes them a patient of many illnesses. The weight of junk food increases, but it also spoils your digestive activity and causes sugar and heart disease to occur.
Do not use drugs many youth use shortcuts to gain weight and gain access to multiple drugs. The use of pharmaceutical drugs causes many problems in the future and also has a lot of side effects.

Some simple ways to gain weight: 

Be sure to include the nutritious foods mentioned below to increase your weight:

Eat potatoes

 The potatoes help the most in weight gain. The potato consists of the weight gain properties that contain calories and fiber. So eat potatoes in an excessive amount.

Take Dairy substances

You should use the food of the shops to gain weight such as milk, yogurt, butter and paneer etc. milk contains a large amount of fat, calcium and vitamins. The protein in yogurt is highly found so that the stomach seems to be clogged for a long time. Everyday curds seem to be gaining weight.

Meat intake

If you are a carnivorous, you can consume eggs, fish, meat. It's the very best source of protein and fat. In addition, it manufactures muscles and repairs the cells of the body, but excess intake of meat increases cholesterol so you can have many diseases.

Use vegetables 

If you don't eat meat so you can take vegetables. These mainly include pulses, soybeans, rajma, paneer etc.
Take the whole diet to increase the weight you take to take the big meal in the day 5 to 6 times a little meal. Keep eating time consistent. Take a snack in the morning and lunch and dinner at the same time.
Eat nutrients, always include nutritious food. In which you can take butter, fruits, green vegetables, ghee, yogurt, juice, jaggery, dry fruitss, salads etc. This substance gives the body a rich energy. This food patalapans away from eating continuously so that you start to become obese and it brings texture to your face which increases your confidence. Keep in mind that the name of the food is away from the junk food itself.

Entreesare essential:

You will know the advantages of taking snack. This will help you thicken and make your body and mind healthier. You can take entrees in the middle of your meals like-sandwich, biscuit, samause, dried nuts etc.

Eat Fruits

Eat fruit you can take fruit, banana, papaya, cantaloupe, watermelon, pomegranate, apple, mango, seasonal carrot, tomato, seasonal fruit, orange, etc. to increase your weight. These fruits contain vitamins, minerals, energy and nutrients. In addition, these fruits also remove the body's fragility and weakness.

Take dry fruitss

 To increase the weight of your body and use almonds, raisins, figs, cashew nuts, pistachio and peanuts. It contains fats, carbohydrates and nutrients.

Take Honey

Honey taking honey gives a lot of benefits in weight gain. So you can take honey.

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