How to maintain personal hygiene

What is personal Hygiene

Personal Haijin means keeping your outer body clean. The importance of the people was very understandable already. Talk of ancient times, so Garikas spent several hours in the bath. He used to use many more things to make his beauty sparkle.

There are millions of products in the market for importance of Personal hygiene. Many famous celebs also promoted them because a good haijin improves self-esteem and confidence. Let us know how we can sustain it.

Some important tips of the personal hygiene

We have been living in work and personal life so that the hygiene of your personal Haijin is going to go back to nowhere. The habit of personal haijin, such as washing, brushing and cleaning teeth, is to remove harmful bacteria from your body. Some tips Apanakar personal Haijin You can keep yourself healthy. So if you want to keep yourself away from the infection, then the habits of these personal haijins should be adopted in your life.

Daily Bath:

Bath is essential for the hygiene of the body. From everyday work, your body is sweated, and these sweaty bacteria accumulate on the romachidaro of the skin, they eliminate the bacteria from the bath. The daily pollution and dirt stored in your hair is harmful to the health of the hair. To avoid this, do not wash your hair in every 2-3 day period.

Cut your nails: 

keep your hands and feet ugaliyo and thumb nails in the right size, you need to stay healthy to keep them short. This does not accumulate dirt in the nails nor is it prone to fungal infection.


To keep your teeth healthy, clear the teeth at least twice a day. Because the bacteria that are trapped between the teeth is harmful to the decay of your teeth and also to your gums. 

Wash your hands: 

Be sure to wash your hands before making a meal. After coughing, Chikane, and vasharum, bacteria remain in our hands that spread by shaking hands or touching things, and these infections can be harmful to the health of the people as well. Therefore, before eating and making a hand, you may also have to use the sanitiser for the option if you do not have water for washing hands.

Get enough sleep: 

having enough sleep is essential for your health, you can freshen up with 8 to 10 hours of sleep at night. Less sleep weakens the natural defence of your body and also weakens your immune system.

Take care of skin: skin Hygiene

Good skin does not only enhance our beauty but also protects our organs.

The skin ganadagies the body by sweating. If the skin is damaged it turns off glands, which furuncle on the skin, etc.

So take good care of the skin, bathe with soap and clean water every day, so that your skin remains clean.

Scrubbing should also be removed once a week to remove the dead sales.

Cleansing the genitals: genital hygiene

After defecation or urine, always dhoye the organs with clean water. If you see some kind of infection here, contact the doctor immediately. Both men and women focus on clean cleaning.

The women are more precautionary about cleansing during periods. Use clean and soft fabrics or sanitary napkins. Nepkin for at least twice a day.

Women who get white fluid with the funk, they get a doctor's opinion without delay.

Other Hygiene Tips

Dhoye the hands well before cooking, eating and serving. The children also hygiene the Basic basics.

When the ears are not properly cleaned, it accumulates ganadagi. The wind stops and it is painful. Therefore, the ears should be cleaned once a week.

After eating, you should always rinse with clean water. Because food is trapped in the teeth, halitosis and gum rot arise. by rinsing it quits.

Always trim your nakhuno and keep in good shape. It has many problems such as getting rid of hang nail etc.

Always wearing neat and dhule clothes, without dhule, there are contaminated substances that have many skin ailments.

Clean your feet at the Eririka of the day, especially between the toes.

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