How we keep ourselves healthy

Healthy Living Measures. Healthy Living Rules

The Ayurvedic measures of living healthy in life which follows-


 Parmavshayak to remain clean for health Protection. From all day work the body is filled with sweat; The clothes become dirtily. This adjusted the disease in the Body.

In addition, cleaning and surrounding of your home is also necessary. The water should also drink clean and consume pure air. "


 an instrument of body defense is also exercise. Exercise recovers the circulation of blood in the body, physical organsing muscle mass, and even strength Flourish. Impunity gets good exercise of body from meeting, dod, sports, weaning Excursions etc. "

Balanced food – The importance of food for healthy living. Food is the formation of blood in the body and the body gets power. so, food should be poshtic, balanced and hygienic. Always eat chewing-chabakar with good food and concentrate all your attention on food when you eat.


drink water whenever you eat, 40 minutes before and after 60-90 Minutes. The water that I have had to freeze and do not drink ice-stained water is always a little lukewarm to the water or the water of the soil pitcher. As much water drink as possible. "


 Keep your body always straight. Always tankar, tankar, and the Tankar stand, even when they stand. This will keep your body in fitness. "


deep and peaceful, body sleep relieves body fatigue and also keeps the brain healthy in a healthy body. Even health grows from good sleep. "

Eating Healthy

Eat a healthy meal as per time, eat as much as you can (do not be forced to fill your stomach). Chabakar the food at least 32 times, and when Lago to food, wash your hands well and eat the food by Sitting. "


chae not drink breakfast, drink only milk and eat 2 boiled eggs if Possible. "


In the morning, go for rotate 2 to 3 kms at 5 o'clock every morning. Walk bare feet over the park in which the grass grows there. Doing it will make your body look good and will remain fresh in the Body. "


 obesity is not good at all for your health. Sekam oily and sweet foods eat as much as possible to relieve Obesity. Eating more oily and sweet foods comes from obesity and keeps the sloth and lethargy in the Body. "


 if possible, sometimes do not garehan a time of Food. "

Fruits and juices 

eat the fruit as much as possible and drink them (apple, banana, apple, seedling etc.)


 as much as vehicle bikes, reduce car use. If you have to go around, walk down. It will exercise your muscles and Rahaga fit your Body. "


meditation go to a quiet place every 10 to 15 minutes Alone. It will help me to make your mind and body fit. "


never Listen to crying songs always listen to motiveshanal songs so that your mind is always positive and you dare to Work. "


the small work of the house, you own the marketplace and bring the goods, cleaning the house, etc.


 Subhah daily and prolapse before bedtime, and when you go to sleep, light clothes peeing slept, tightly clothes peeing not slept. "


 Always keep your hair Clean. Always put oil in the Hair. Week I chamapi my hair (massage) 1 times karavaye. "


 Early morning, Nahae and good Dressed. It makes you dikhate beautiful and has a little too much energy in the Body. "


 Don't be angry This eliminates the beauty of your body, mind and Thoughts. Always be happy and smiling and sharing happiness Be. "

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