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  Today, every successful person has been able to make himself better in every area of life. Trying to take himself to a stage where his life is happy and joyful. He finds new ways to improve his life and keeps new Ideas.

Many people are successful in achieving this or achieving their dreams, but there are also many who are not happy to get success in their lives. They have wealth, family, dignity, and they are also capable of buying everything of their aisho. But the thing that they don't have is-good health. When they do not keep themselves healthy, such success and wealth do not work for any of their own.

Success is called the same as you completely enjoy but if you are not healthy, such a succes is not meant to be. Today everyone wants to be fully fit and healthy and Healthy Life have lived and healthy.

If you also want to healthy and stay healthy in your life, you have to give yourself some time. Only then will you be able to create a balance in Daily life.

We are now sharing 7 measures for good health here with you that you can Better helthy life in your life.

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1. Adopt the balance of food 

Your food or food for good health plays the leading role. If your food is good and nutritious, it will also make your health even better if you are careless in your diet or do not eat nutritious food, which will help you ill-take it. What you should eat and what you should avoid is to know what you are doing in your Body. 
Ayurveda has also said that you have to take the diet according to your Nature (nature). If you have too much of the nature of bile in you, then you avoid the yellow objects like excess oil, turmeric and so on. So, include vitamins in your daily diet, proteins (protins), fats (fat), carbohydrates, minerals (minerls) etc. In a balanced amount of foods. 

2. Maintain your routine balanced 

As much as the impact of our routine is on our success, it also affects our health. If your routine is too balanced, your health will be equally good. When our daily routine is the same, it makes our Mind a very easy to understand our body and becomes accustomed to doing all the work. From early morning to sleep at night, our routine is very important to know for our health. Assuming you wake up at 6 in the morning, take a light exercise or shower after mornig walk (morning walk). Then snack on your daily schedule, and relax 15 minutes after breakfast. Then you should be looking into your work. Do lunch till 2 pm. It is good for healthcare to sit silently for 15 minutes after lunch. There is no problem in taking a little snack on the hungry for 5 o'clock in the evening. Half an hour after arriving at home, rest in solitude and take a night meal at 9 pm. Then after 1 or 2 hours of food, gold should be the same. Jogging up to half an hour after meals is also quite good. By doing this, the digestion of food is easily grown. 

3. Do not overlook the Ritucharaya 

Ritucharaya means to grow according to the season. The rule of nature is change, it gives us the message that we must now convert ourselves to nature. Jada, in the summer and rainy nature, when the autumn changes, we must be prepared for change. As the changes in nature appear in the same way, we should also make changes to our miner, living, routines and Yogasana. Nature has made fruit, vegetable and food products of every season. No other season should be consumed in any other season. Watermelon or vine in the cold storage of for instance should not be consumed in the rainy month, and we should not consume the cool things in the cold days. The same rule applies to other things too. 

4. Yoga are healthy 

Today yoga is playing its major contribution to our lives. Yoga has become an integral part of our lives today. Yoga has not been so much the most prevalent but you have come to Result by yoga in which no one is surprised. Yoga has found a healthy life by many people out of serious illnesses. . So yoga is also valuable for our health. We should practise yoga and currencies as per Ritucharaya. Do not get sweaty and heat-boosting rugs in summer days. There is also the practice of currencies for health. There are also many postures for mental health that should be daily. eg – knowledge currency, this mudra is created by mixing thumb and index finger. Doing it everyday helps to increase memory and relieve mental illnesses. This also leads to insomnia and irritability. There are even more currencies that can be done. such as prana exchange, earth currency, air currency, heart currency, sun currency etc. You can learn from a good yoga guru. Many of these currencies practice Shararik and get rid of mental problems. 

5. Positive Thinking 

You should be aware that friends positive Thinking play such a huge role in our lives. Most problems like stress and depression arise because of negative thinking. So we have to make our thinking positive in order to fight stress and Deperason. You need to practise daily bharamari to enhance your positive thinking. Leave the bed before sunrise every morning. For positive thinking you can practice good satsangs, postures, exercises, currencies and good Vachak. It also relieves stress by listening to your Favourite Music. Never put yourself in solitude. You remember that Shararik and mental health can be maintained with positive thinking. So Friends must try all the time to keep yourself positive. 

6. Try to laugh overtly 

If I tell you that you choose one of a ruuthe man or a smiling person, then your choice will be a human being, that is because everyone likes to live with a smiling individual. No one would want to be with a desperate person. Always be happy, or khilakhilane our khubasuurati with a lot of laughs, which takes up four moons in our personality. 

Whenever we receive true happiness (Real happiness) or when we are happy, we have Harmonas (harmons) in our bodies that also help us fight stress. Many researches have proved that there is no better treatment, medication or way to enhance the disease, improve shararik and mental health, enhance digestive activity and increase memory, nor have any asanas or pranayamas in the same place. 

You practice overtly laughing at least twice a day in half an hour park, in the orchard or in front of the glass alone. This is an increase in the elation and rakatasachar of the organ of the body. So keep laughing and maintain good health. 

7. Keep Body and mind balance 

Sanatulit Diet, Asanas and other methods, you will not understand exactly how you are fully fit because maintaining healthy itself does not mean that you repentance from any Shararik or mental work. If your job is mentally high, do a little too much shararik in Free time, and if you do Shararik more, then give yourself time to keep yourself mentally better and work your desired so that you will Feel Better. 

Shararik (physical) and mental (mentaly) labour is very essential for good health as Shararik cannot be better fitness labour. Doing physical work also strengthens the bones. This way you can shararik and mentally healthy by maintaining a balance in the body and mind. 

Friends! Keep in mind that when you have good health you will be able to live your life in a good way as the sick body will never go ahead in life and it will always become a interruption in your life. Always be mindful of your health because once a disease has grip you, then it will be very difficult for you to get it. 

Don't be negligent about your health at all. Those who are careless have always faced troubles. Good health cannot be found again. It is only in your hands how you can keep yourself Fit and helthy. So, like your work, your health is always Serious and jiye a joyful life with a good health. 

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